About Karismatiq Omnicorp

Karismatiq Omnicorp logoKarismatiq Omnicorp is a multinational, multidisciplinary company that believes that our people are family. We’ve got more than 122,000 employees, although all except for 18 are classified as independent contractors to take advantage of small business incentives.

We may do everything from military logistics to medical research, but our real job is to bring people together. That’s why we’ve got a break room that can be used by people of all races, colors, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, disabilities, religions, and statuses, although top executives have their own. Our people truly are our greatest asset, so we wanted to share all of the amazing things that our people create, procure, fabricate, conjure, or steal to bring into the office—and thus, this site was born.

Free in the Break Room is a testament to the magic of our break room, and by extension, the magic that Karismatiq Omnicorp creates every day.

You’ll find our headquarters just over the county line for tax purposes. Please do not attempt to visit, because our guard dogs are friendly but not if you don’t have a badge impregnated with our proprietary blend of pheromones.