Free in the Break Room: Help Yourself Tin

Cookie Tin with Help Yourself post-it note on itFrom: Deb Mantisse, Sales Manager

This cookie tin is for anyone who wants it, especially Kylie, who thought that going to her grandmother’s funeral was more important that dressing in a halter top and pink hot pants and standing at our booth at the big TYMX Nova Scotia show in Halifax this February.

Thanks to her, all of the businessmen wandering the aisles completely shit-face drunk thanks to the corporate credit cards they could use to buy all the Yukon Jack they could slip into their pants had to ogle the decidedly mediocre tail at the Amalgamated Enterprises booth, posing a major threat to our distribution efforts throughout the south-central maritime region.

So help yourself, but seriously, Kylie: help yourself. You’re a mess and your grandmother wasn’t there to care. And the halter top and hot pants were really comfortable and flattering anyhow. Just ask Xavier. (Admittedly, he’s worn out the gusset, but he’s subjected it to a truly exceptional amount of wear.)

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