Free in the Break Room: Mini Bread

Cubes of breadFrom: Ishari Melbon, Nanotechnology Point Person

The Karismatiq Omnicorp Nanotechnology Department is proud to report another step forward in unlocking the secrets of the microscopic universe.

Bread has always been an extraordinary challenge for any miniaturization professional. The yeast-based leavening that gives bread such a delightful texture and kick also causes increases in size that have always challenged the core competencies of the cute-ification industry.

But through the use of a proprietary, bleeding-edge process, the Nanotechnology Department has developed these best-in-class miniature loaves, tinier than the previous tiniest bread-like products by 38%.

With this new product, we are ahead of schedule for achieving our Vision of reducing the world’s gluten supply by 90% by 2030, while maintaining profitability in the quadruple bottom line.

Please enjoy the samples, and be sure to note any side effects, including scales, death, unnecessary horseplay, yeast infections, or sagging bosoms. Also, do not refer to this product as bread, as doing so opens us up to liability concerns that may impede our larger efforts.

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