Free in the Break Room: Classic Potato Chips, Wavy

Bag of Classic Potato Chips, wavyOh, look, potato chips! Bet you can’t eat just one!

How much? Ummm… a dollar?

Yeah, I guess that isn’t much. Five dollars?

Twenty thousand dollars?!?

Well, no, it’s not that I don’t believe in what I said, I just…

No, I’m not a massive wuss, I just didn’t…

Please! Stop shouting! I’m up for a big promotion, and I don’t want the bosses to think my word isn’t good.

Well… okay… fine. Twenty thousand dollars it is that you can’t eat just one.

One chip? That sure looked tasty. You sure you don’t want another one?

Absolutely positive? I mean, that combination of starch and salt and fat is soooooo addictive. And they’re even wavy!

Look, I think we’ve proven everything we need to. I’ll even let you off the hook for the bet if you just taste another one. Then we’ll both be really happy!

No! Please don’t start shouting again! Fine! I’ll pay, I’ll pay!

I, um, don’t have twenty grand on me, can I give you a check?

Okay. I’d appreciate it if you’d hold off on cashing that for a couple days to give me a chance to shuffle some money around, okay?


Hey! Waitaminute! You can’t have another chip now! You jerk!

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