Free in the Break Room: Two Peppers

Two green peppers in a plastic bagHey, folks! Tamsin Bituminock here! Down in Facilities Maintenance, we just had a bit of a misadventure, but I think you all will benefit from it. See, we heard that the ladies’ toilet on 17 was acting up again. (Boy, you girls sure are rough on potties! That’s the fourth time this quarter!)

Anyhow, my boys took a look at it, and it turns out that the ballcock was more busteder than a fox in a hydraulic steel press! They had to take it out and replace it, but those ballcocks don’t grow on trees, ya know!

There’s no way I was going in to the hardware store just to get one. That’s all the way across the county line! So I figured, maybe a ballcock could grow on a tree. Or at least a bush, which is just a tree that is was a bit lazy in school!

Fortunately, my pepper plants had some nice big peppers on ‘em. They were as green as a horse that had been painted green! I picked a couple, and brought them in, and my boys tried to hook them up to that mean ol’ ballcock with some duct tape and a prayer.

I guess they didn’t pray to the right god, ‘cause it didn’t work, and now that whole 17th-floor bathroom is super-flooded. It might be a couple weeks before we’re able to fix it.

The good news is, we rescued the peppers. So if anyone wants one for a salad or maybe to chuck at a bat in your office, grab it quick before it’s gone!

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