Free in the Break Room: Miscellaneous Fruit

Fruit trayExciting news! There’s a leftover tray of fruit in the break room!

Literally, there’s an entire tray of fruit. We ordered it for a function, and absolutely nobody wanted fruit.

The cookies went in a nanosecond, and the muffins got devoured. The deviled eggs were very popular, and the hummus got snarfed down. Also very popular were the sardines, the steak tartare, the kimchi, the blood pudding, and the bacon-flavored sprayable cheese that’s actually made for dogs. Even the pickled rope bologna in the jar with the centimeter-thick layer of dust and fatty goop that stuck it to its shelf so it made a lengthy pop when you tried to pick it up was deemed utterly delicious.

We’re just not that into fruit.


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