Free in the Break Room: Cake

Half a round cake with "Happy" written on it.Have you ever wanted to be happy?

This cake will do it. It says happy right on the top half of the cake.

The bottom half of the cake is gone, so I’m not sure what exactly is going to be happy. Maybe a graduation day, maybe a colonoscopy, maybe even a release from prison after 18 months for unlawful relations with the judge’s beloved Schnauzer.

But happiness is going to happen, so help me god. We picked the orange lettering because that’s the absolute happiest lettering there is. Then there’s the off-white frosting, which is the absolute happiest frosting there is. And don’t forget the off-brown cake, the absolute happiest cake color.

So if you’re not happy, we’re going to stab you.

(There’s a reason the knife is there. It’s for stabbing. Happy, happy stabbing.)

Enjoy the cake!

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